Case Study: Atomic Habits + Time

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Case Study: Atomic Habits + Time

This is a story of a member of ours that joined the gym last January (2020). Scott came in with a great mindset on starting with the basics and slowly building up strong habits over the year. I interviewed him after a very successful year of transforming (amid a pandemic none the least), here are the things that helped him be successful.

STARTING POINT: Weighed in January 26th, 2020 at 244.6#

What was thing that got you jump started?

In late 2019, I read James Clear’s bestseller Atomic Habits, and I remember scrolling through my Facebook feed on New Year’s Day. I saw Game Changing Performances New Year, New You Transformation Challenge and I knew that this was exactly what I needed to change my fitness and nutrition habits. 

  • If you’ve never heard of Atomic Habits, it’s a great book for not only nutrition and fitness habits, but also for any kind of habit change you are looking for. It’s a quick read with actionable steps on how to create underlying habits and build on them slowly. Then over time you start to stack habits as you get better and better at the smallest things. Eventually over time you will achieve the goals you set out for but you have to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

What were the things you did best that really helped you change over the year?

First, I needed to develop the habit of working out 3 days per week. After getting that habit strong, the second and more important habit was focusing on my nutrition to maximize results.

Any big tips you’d recommend to someone starting their journey or currently on it?  

Having the full support of your family is crucial to success when following the nutritional plan.  My wife fully supported my effort and happily adjusted the meal plans at home to support the program.  Many people struggle with following the nutrition plan, but I joked that I had a personal executive chef at home that made it easy for me to follow the plan. In July my son started coming to GCP with me, so now fitness is a father-son bonding activity. 

  • The key takeaway from there is nutritional plan. A great atomic habit that everyone who is trying to loss weight or doing anything with nutrition is to great a weekly meal plan. You start this by grabbing a sheet of paper, writing down Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack as rows on a sheet and the columns are Monday, Tuesday, etc. Then write down what you plan on eating at each meal during the day. It doesn’t have to be crazy healthy recipes in the beginning. The starting point is just having a plan, and over time your plan will get better and better as you start to get in the habit of a plan.

What have building in strong habits done for you?

Even after gaining a few pounds over the holidays, I now know that at the start of the new year, that I can get back on track by refocusing on the nutrition plan.  This will be easy since I have the full support of the family, as well as the coaching & accountability I get from the great people at GCP.

What you learned about BMI over the last year?

For the past few years I was obese on the BMI scale, and my doctor regularly counselled me to lose weight. Over the course of the last year my doctor has congratulated me on moving from Obese to overweight, but still recommends that my target should be normal weight according to the BMI scale.  This would mean that I need to get to under 195 pounds. My latest InBody scan showed a BMI of 27.2 and a percent body fat of 16.0.

  • This has been something very common we have seen in the fitness industry. Scott and I have talked through this a lot as well. First off, I love that the doctor was encouraging Scott to improve his body composition and not just take more pills. That’s a great win for getting truly healthy. However, using the BMI scale has negatively affected a lot of people. The BMI (body mass index) is an overly simplified tool that doesn’t really show the body make up of an individual. As you see with Scott in this case. Yes he might have started out in a bad place on the BMI, which might have been pretty close to where he really was, but because he made his physical transformation through a healthy diet and strength training, his body transformed in a different way then the BMI predicts. It doesn’t take into account skeletal muscle mass and individuals being more muscular than people from the 1830’s when the formula was first created. We have definitely physically evolved over the last 190 years as a human race so it’s not a fair comparison. 
  • The more important number that Scott used to track was his body fat percentage. To get that number, we use an InBody 270 body composition machine. This allows us to get a pretty accurate make up of his water weight, skeletal muscle weight and body fat mass. These are better indications of his physical make up. During the last year he went from 27% body fat down to 16% body fat. Right in the healthy range for adult males. An adult male should be 10-20% with the ideal body fat percent being 15% for men. Females are 18-28% with 23% being the ideal range.


As you can see with Scott’s story, it didn’t all happen overnight. Most people wake up dreaming that the weight will just disappear. If I just workout as hard as possible for 3 workouts, I’ll magically transform. Or if I drink apple cider vinegar, take that new supplement and watch an infomercial I’ll wake up the next day looking great. This however is what get’s people discouraged. The fact that it doesn’t happen overnight. Honestly, most great transformation take 1-2 years of consistency to really happen. We’ve had clients like Scott lose 50-100 lbs and each time, it has taken a good year to get the metabolism rolling, get the underlying habits developed, and then once things finally get rolling, it’s all about consistency over a long period of TIME! There literally is no short cut, so stop looking for one, and commit to the process of fat loss.


WEIGHT: Start (1/2020)- 244.6#, Current (12/2020)- 205.7#

BODY FAT %- Start- didn’t have an accurate number, Current- 16%


The first step is getting your mind in the right place. Knowing it isn’t a quick fix. You need to have the mindset that I’m going to just consistent at the things I don’t do great and slowly start building on these habits over time. If you currently workout consistently 3x/week or more, then you need to really look at meal planning and dial that in.

If you aren’t working out currently, this is a great time to reach out to us and let us help you on your journey like we did Scott. We’ll guide you on the path, by guiding you through our workout program which is designed for all levels. Then over time we’ll get you working on nutrition and get you moving towards your transformation! And to be honest, the best time to start is always RIGHT NOW!

To get started with GCP, request more information and someone from our sales team will reach out with a FREE goal setting consultation to walk you through our process and make sure we are a great fit for you. Click HERE to get started.

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