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Holiday Nutrition Survival Guide Tip #8: Eat a Big Meal Before You Go

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Holiday Nutrition Survival Guide Tip #8: Eat a Big Meal Before You Go



A mistake a lot of people do is they go to a holiday party hungry. They've been saving up all day so they can have treats. In theory, this is a great idea because you are reducing calories before hand to have more in the evening. However, most people over indulge with this philosophy because they can justify that they didn't eat earlier. 

Instead, try something new this year. Eat a big, healthy meal before you leave. A good example would be a nice big salad, a big piece of meat with a veggie side, etc. Your goal is to get those quality nutrients in you and feel full so you have little desire to eat the unhealthy foods you'll be eating at the party. 

I would recommend eating this meal about an hour or 2 before you leave for the party so that way you still have those satiety feels when you get there.


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