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Holiday Nutrition Survival Guide Tip #7

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Holiday Nutrition Survival Guide Tip #7




Avoiding alcohol during the holidays is almost impossible. Especially if your normal social group likes to drink. But there are ways to reduce the impact of alcohol during the holidays.

First, lets talk about the reason we should avoid / reduce alcohol. One obvious one is the extra calories. There are ways to drink and not have a lot of calories but these are pretty far and between. As well as not always tasty as what you'd like. Another reason is the sugar that is in most alcoholic drinks. This can make us more hungry for other sugary based treats as well as spike our insulin. The spike of insulin can start a chain reaction of desired food intake.

Probably the most important reason is how it puts the brakes on fat loss. Since alcohol and fat both metabolize in the liver, the body has to choose which one to work on. It's always going to pick the poison first (alcohol). Depending on how much you drink can determine how long these breaks are on. Anywhere from 4-12 hours usually. So this reduces our fat burning window each time we drink.

A great tip we use that seems to at least reduce the overall consumption of alcohol is drinking one 8 oz glass of water for each alcoholic drink you have. No matter the size of the drink, have an 8 oz water before you have another drink. This does many things. It helps keep you a little bit more hydrated, it helps keep you fuller so you aren't snacking and reduces the amount of drinks you have during the night.



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