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  • Lose 10 lbs (Starting weight 270.7) won't weigh until Feb 1st again.
  • Workout 31 times, doesn’t have to be everyday, can be 2 a days as well. (37 so far)
    • Reached my goal on January 26th!
  • Follow the Whole30 diet with slight modifications (protein shakes are ok as well as BCAA drink) (27/31)


  • This blog post is going to recap my month of January.


  • WEIGHT LOSS: Started at 270.0 on Jan 1st, weighed in @ 249.3 on Feb 1st. (this was a 21.4 lb lost)
  • WAIST: Started at 44.5" on Jan 1st, 41" on Feb 1st.
  • HIPS: Started at 49" on Jan 1st, 46" on Feb 1st.


  • Throughout the month my nutrition was on point more often then not. When I wasn't traveling I ate exactly what I was supposed to.
  • I focused on keeping sugar super low. Ate most plants, not too much, and really focused hard on the real foods category.
  • I did really good in my trip to Philly even though I wasn't perfect. I had a bad day on my trip back from Philly but one bad day didn't ruin the other 30 days which is great.
  • This proved to me that traveling is possible but I have to have a good plan. I will continue to get better at planning, especially with a trip to Puerto Rico coming up.


  • I was very consistent with my training. It wasn't all out all the time but I never missed. In 31 days, I did 37 workouts. I had only 2 days overall where I didn't workout. One was because my back was blown up and I couldn't move and the other was after I hit 31 workouts I needed a little bit of a break.
  • Again it wasn't all out intensity, it was more just showing up consistently. Which is a big change for me. I'm normally all out which affects my ability to train often. For fat loss though, bringing intensity down a little so I could workout more was very valuable.


  • TOTAL CALORIES BURNT FROM WORKOUTS: 37 workouts x 400 cal per workout (average burnt in workouts over month) = 14,800 calories burnt
    • 14,800 / 3500 (calories in a pound of fat) = 4.22 pounds of fat loss from exercise
    • As you can see, out of the 21 lbs, only 4 lbs of it was from exercise. Now I think exercises is extremely important for so many different things but it proves that it isn't the only part of the equation and you can't out work a bad diet.
  • Average day strain was a 14.8. Which means that I was busy quite often which helped out with a lot of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis).


  • I napped only 5 times all month. I normally nap every day. So that's a huge improvement in energy not to need a naps.
  • I averaged 8:15 in bed. Ideal would have been averaging 9 hours in bed so it's something to improve on next month.
    • My goal is also to work on finding ways to need less time in bed, I spend about an hour a night that is in the awake state.
  • I averaged 3:15 in light sleep a night, 2:10 in REM sleep, 1:27 in deep sleep.
    • REM is a little high as it meant I needed a lot of recovery but that's in relation to the strain.


  • Overall my body did ok this month. I averaged 10 minutes of mobility a day but probably did about 20-30 a day.
  • My back was overly stiff often, but that is just life for me. I just always have to keep focus on this.


  • Getting back into habits
  • Reducing my sugar cravings
  • Trip to Philly for 5 days
  • Back locking up for a 3 day period
  • Very busy time in our business
  • Learning how to be a better cook


  • Lost 21.4 lbs & a total of 6.5"
  • Created a lifestyle routine and stayed focused on the process of day to day
  • Overcame sugar cravings
  • Blogged about my journey over time, was honest about all the process


  • As always, my thoughts come back to focusing on consistency. It's not about sprints of hard work, it's about doing the work over a long period of time.
  • For me this is just the start of my journey. The month wasn't overly hard, I just did the work daily and was happy about the fact that I put the work in. The results are awesome but I would have been fine with a lot less knowing I was working hard on the day to day. Building in new long term habits.
  • I don't want to fall back into bad habits. I need to continue to focus on the new habits that I'm doing each and every day. That's going to continue to lead to the end result I want and the life I want to live.
  • Next, I'll take a day, eat a little bit how I feel like. Then get right back on the path I've designed. I'll focus on 25 workouts for Feb, my goal is to lose 8 lbs knowing I have a trip to Puerto Rico for a week. I'm focusing on 800g of fruits and vegetables (600 veggies, 200 fruit).
  • I plan on sharing my journey in February but more like a bi-weekly update.

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