Best Exercise Studio in Lake County

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Best Exercise Studio in Lake County

Game Changing Performance has won the Daily Herald Readers Choice 2019 Best Exercise Studio in Lake County!!! This is our first time that we are up for the award and we feel honored to have won it. We can’t thank you guys enough who helped us achieve this and respect us enough to vote us into this!

With Lake County having a population of over 700,000 people and over 200 exercise studios in the area this is an awesome accomplishment. We believe what has set Game Changing Performance apart in our minds is our community. We help people get results of course, we have a pretty revolutionary training program and we make sure that we progress people at a proper pace for their fitness levels. These are all really important aspects of what we do. However, our community and our focus on creating a game changing community is our biggest strength. We have created a family here of people who truly are more than just acquaintances. With seminars, 5k’s, mud runs, relay teams, appreciation events and many more ways of external engagement we bring the gym to life throughout the Mundelein community.  

Internally we expect you to high five the people you are working out with, we work hard to make sure you are smiling and enjoying your workouts and we put effort into keeping a positive environment as much as possible. When our members buy into this philosophy they not only get awesome results, they truly get another group of friends!

Thanks again to all you amazing people who helped us achieve this award.

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