Accelerated Fat Loss

The Accelerated Fat Loss program are group fitness classes in Mundelein designed to make you achieve incredible fat loss results while still feeling like an individual in the session. Each exercise is broken into Beginner, Level 1, & Level 2 exercises, so any level of fitness can join this group workout class in Mundelein.
Beginner to Advanced
Individualized group
Training Style
Strength + HIIT
Always a coach leading the way
45 minutes
Everyday (check schedule for times)


The Accelerated Fat Loss program works because it’s not reserved for the elite athletes among us. Our doors are open to people all across the community who just want to stay active, have fun with fitness and get game changing results. From day one, you’ll enjoy unwavering support and motivation as you take on a fitness journey that keeps you challenged with new workouts every week.

Accelerated Fat Loss was designed for 3 specific purposes

Create a program that could maximize fat loss training. This is why we combine strength (added calorie burn over a lifetime) with HIIT (maximum calorie burn in a day) to accelerate the process of fat loss.

To make sure all levels of fitness could fit inside of one place together. If you desire to work out in a group, we’ve designed group fitness classes in Mundelein to make that happen and for you to not feel ashamed or embarrassed that you didn’t get done at the same time as everyone else.
To create a uniquely fun program that could encompass all components of fitness. We combo throughout a week multiple styles of fitness concepts from bodybuilding, cross training, endurance training and everything in between at our group exercise classes in Mundelein.

Factors important to group training

what to bring
with you

Heart Rate Tracking

At Game Changing Performance, we are proud to offer access to the revolutionary Wodify Pulse fitness tracking system, giving you complete control over your workout routine and helping you maximize your results like never before. The wearable Pulse tracker is guaranteed to keep your workouts personal, social and FUN!