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Group Fitness Jefferson

I have been going to GCP for about 2 years. I guess you could call me a gym hopper as in I would go from one gym to the next but never felt comfortable anywhere until I found them. Coaches Trevor and Nate are amazing at what they do. Not only are they very knowledgeable about health and fitness they truly care about their clients. If you are struggling with anything they will check in on you and see how they can help whether it be emotional support or weekly check ins. Besides the coaches the atmosphere is great! The other clients that work out there are some of the funniest and most caring people I have ever met. It truly feels like a family.

Celestia A.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I have been training for about 6 weeks now and every time I complete a workout I feel so great and refreshed (but slightly exhausted)! Trevor is such a great trainer and knows so much about how the body works and how your body should look and feel during each training session. I trust Trevor 100% and have enjoyed learning something new about my body and have been so excited to see the new things I can do each time I train. My favorite thing about the training sessions is that each day is different and when we finish a month the sessions and workouts change. I love that it isn't the same thing over and over again. Get off your boring treadmill and come train in a super fun group setting!

Lauren H.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I've being training at GCP for over 2 years. Nathan and Trevor constantly provide support and encourage everyone to work harder and do better. It was always tough to keep up with gym routine. However, GCP never felt like a gym and I genuinely enjoy going to classes and having a laugh while training. The class atmosphere is very welcoming and open to all levels. There is never a dull moment! Emphasis is on fun and fitness. Highly recommended!

Aleksandra D.

I had never been a gym fan, not ever. But when Nathan convinced me to give it a go for a couple of weeks, I was to say the least skeptical. And after the first session I was so sore, the soreness in your muscles that makes you feel like you have earn sleep. Nathan's first question to me was simple, what results do you want? What muscle groups do you want to strengthen and how do you want to look? I wanted lean strength and stamina, with a strong core strength. Nat worked me hard and within 2 weeks I could see the results, the birth of abs. The the definition of muscle throughout my body. We never rested, active rests were all I was allowed. This pushed my athletic stamina forward leaps and bounds. Keeping my heart rate up and burning fat fast. Nat used to always say " what we do here in the gym is only 20%. The rest is in your life style, how you eat is the most important thing for your body. The most important thing if you want to see the results your asking for." This statement sat with me incredibly well, because this was my philosophy on weight loss and health maintenance from the beginning. Other than being an incredible source knowledge on matters of muscle growth, form and exercises. Nat has the most caring and playful nature, always fun and uplifting to be around. This helps the 'want' part of getting to the gym. Though now I do not get the pleasure of working out with Nathan any longer, I exercise his techniques and training styles to sculpt and develop the strength and body I want. Nathan is and has been the most positive effect on my life and lifestyle. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer and friend.

Sean L.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I've being training at GCP for over 2 years. Nathan and Trevor constantly provide support and encourage everyone to work harder and do better. It was always tough to keep up with gym routine. However, GCP never felt like a gym and I genuinely enjoy going to classes and having a laugh while training. The class atmosphere is very welcoming and open to all levels. There is never a dull moment! Emphasis is on fun and fitness. Highly recommended!

Tara P.

This is the most unique, unconditional, well educated, fun, exciting, drama free training, I have ever encountered. I look forward to working out, I am shocked how fast the time flies and I am done. I have Never enjoyed or looked forward to working out. For the first time ever, I can't wait!!! So for everyone who may be debating about the same old places, I guarantee this will be your one and only place to see all the "latest" equipment, not boring, no hum drum, no WOW do you have a lot to lose attitude. The young men that own this and train, are by far highly educated, completely non-judgmental, knowledgeable and very professional. This truly lives up to its name of being the Athletic Revolution!

Judy A.

Group Fitness Jefferson

Great place to work out!! Awesome trainers that find a work out program for all fitness levels!

Lauri R.

I lover Trevor and Nate and Brian!!! I started going about three weeks ago and I can already see a difference in how I feel. I love the positive training these gentleman offer and all their encouragement along the way One step at a time is Trevor's motto. I have more energy since I have been attending the workout sessions. This is the first time in many years I actually look forward to going to workout!! I can't say enough about Athletic Revolution and I am very Thankful I had the opportunity to meet these 3 amazing guys. I believe and trust in Nate and Trevor and I know I am on the right path to changing my life. I give them a 10 in my book~

Catherine H.

Group Fitness Jefferson

Athletic Revolution is the BEST place to work out. I have been there for almost a year now and am enjoying every moment of it. The instructors are awesome. They take the time to really work with each client to ensure they are getting the best out of their workouts. They also keep you motivated so you can achieve your personal fitness goals. The group classes are fun and challenging at the same time. I definitely recommend checking out Athletic Revolution!!!!

Karlj G.

I worked one on one with Trevor for many months working on many different problem area's that I had been trying to change for years. As a mother of two in the 50+ category Trevor made customized daily work outs to help me tone, define, and achieve lean mussel in placed I never thought possible. If you are in search of a personable & dedicated group of young men to help you achieve your personal fitness goals "Athletic Revolution" is the only place to go!

Paula P.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I have been a member here for about 15 months, and I LOVE it! The service is so personalized and they all really take they time to get to know each client and any limitations they may have. In the past, I have always held the opinion that exercise is not fun, but they make it fun. I actually look forward to going each week. I have been with them almost from the beginning, so I have seen how much they have grown and how successful they have become. This environment is great for someone that does not want to go to a big huge gym and be just another person there. At AR, you feel like a member of their family.

Anjali G.

I love working out at Athletic Revolution of Mundelein. The staff is very supportive of your individual needs though you are in a group setting. Every month a new circuit is introduced and each class throughout the week is not the same. The program also provides information on nutrition, health tips, body fat and a program for obtaining your personal goals! After class I leave feeling motivated, energized and STRONG!!!

Ania W.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I have been attending for 9 months and I feel fit and strong. I have increased my mobility and strength. The trainers are great - they get to know everyone and really pay attention to your technique and form - so you don't get injured. Family like atmosphere.

Lynne R.

Group Fitness Mundelein

I've tried going to gyms on my own. Always motivated the first few weeks but little by little making excuses on why I can't work out, to the point where I just stop showing up. This atmosphere is completely different. The classes are challenging, fun and the time flies by. I've been going now for months, 3 times a week and have stuck to it.

Mary M.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I have been a member at Athletic Revolution for almost a year now. It has been a fantastic experience. Trevor, Brian and Nate truly care about my progress and working with me on my goals. Its a family atmosphere and every member comes to class with a good attitude cheering each other on. It is the first time that i feel working out has been fun and i look forward to every class.

Jami H.

Group Fitness Mundelein

I'm a huge fan of this facility. I have been an athlete forever, but have never gotten into working out because I get bored and don't see huge gains from it. Well I feel huge gains from working out here and have enjoyed myself while doing it. I have already increased my flexibility significantly in only a number of weeks and can feel myself getting stronger. I love working out with friends and my wife and really enjoy the group training sessions. I'm excited to continue to make progress and do even more specific exercises for my personal goals.

Jacob H.

Group Fitness Jefferson

I am very happy with my experience at Athletic Revolution! There are a lot of group fitness locations out there, but none that care as much about their members as these 3 guys do. Aside from seeing great results and learning a ton about fitness and nutrition, it's the customer service that made my decision to join so easy. Brian, Nate and Trevor make you feel comfortable with where you are, while also encouraging and challenging you to set and reach your goals.

Mary G.

Group Fitness Mundelein

This may be my first impression but I have a strong feeling that moving forward it's going to be 5 STARS all the way! Just had my FMS evaluation with Brian last night and I'm excited to be moving forward with a new exercise regiment for this 50+ body! Feeling like a 25 year old, mentally right now, (so psyched!) and looking forward to coming close to feeling like one physically! -- these guys seem really dedicated to their clients (family like atmosphere) and they're extremely knowledgable! They're "huggers" too, just like me! LOVE IT!

Denise G.

Group Fitness Jefferson

Great place to workout. Nate and Trevor are the best and always thinking about how they can help you reach your goals!

Scott D.

Group Fitness Mundelein

Absolutely the best there is! The knowledge and techniques the trainers have and use will work for anyone, and have you in the best shape of your life. Nothing but great things to say!

Jill W.

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