12 Ways to Easily Add Vegetables to Your Life

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12 Ways to Easily Add Vegetables to Your Life

When it comes to the Process of Fat Loss we have what we call baseline habits. These are things that need to be a staple in your everyday life for you to successful lose body fat as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. The baseline habits would be the boxes you need to make sure you check every day no matter what if you plan on achieving your goal of fat loss.

One of the best habits there is trying to get more vegetables into your diet. Ideally we are looking for 5 servings of vegetables a day to allow you the proper amount of fiber, to give you a nutrient rich diet and to achieve fullness. This is an issue almost all of our clients deal with. They might get on their kids about eating their vegetables but in all reality they probably are just as bad or worse about eating them as well. Here are 12 tips that we believe can easily be added to your meal planning to help you achieve 5 servings a day.

1. Put a handful of spinach or kale in your smoothie

Try not to go way overboard with how much you put in. One handful is usually plenty. Otherwise you’ll be chewing spinach at the bottom of your cup.

2. Dip your vegetables in a ranch, yogurt or hummus.

Try to take carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower, or whatever else you can think of and dip it in a sauce. Try to be a little sparingly with it, we don’t want to drench the vegetable but this is a great starting point.

3. Stir Fry

Making a stir fry is a great way to get a ton of vegetables. You can cut up many types and mix them all together. Making a huge stir fry can also last for a few meals. The key here is to try to not go crazy with the sauces. It’s ok to add a teriyaki, bbq, sweet and sour sauce but remember there is a lot of sugar in those so be smart about how much you are mixing in.

4. Omelet

Sticking vegetables in your omelet is an awesome way to get them in the morning. Cut up onions, peppers, zucchini, squash, and anything else you like grilled and throw them in your omelet. Usually I cook them a little bit on a separate skillet then toss them in the omelet as they are ready.

5. Salad

Salads are probably the king of ways to get your vegetable intake up. Start with a base of romaine lettuce or spinach, or mix them together. Add a mixture of vegetables on top: mushrooms, red cabbage, radishes, snow peas, and anything else you like. The main thing you have to be careful with when it comes to salads is the amount of dressing. Either go with a low calorie/low fat version or be very sparingly with how much you put on. Another great tip is a get a bowl to put your dressing in and then dip each time in that bowl. It reduces the size of your bites which helps with digestion as well as reduces how much total you use.

6. Vegetable Soup

Make a big pot of soup. Bring the water to a boil, throw beef or chicken broth cubes in. Throw any vegetable you can think of in to it that you like cooked. It will last for days and is a great way to get you vegetables up. My aunt used to do this a lot with vegetables that were about to go bad, she’d mix them all up in the stew.

7. Mixing greens and vegetables in Wraps

Make a wrap and throw in some cucumbers, romaine lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, etc. You could do this on a sandwich as well. Just top your meat with a few slices of something will uptake your vegetable number. Remember, you don’t have to a full serving of each thing, you could get a half of a serving of multiple things throughout the day.

8. Double up on what you like

If you have a vegetable you really love. Eat twice as much of it. If you love cauliflower, eat 2 servings at sitting. Eat a huge salad if you love them. Love pickles, eat 2 large dill pickles.

9. Grill your vegetables

Grilling is a great way to give some different flavors to you vegetables. You can put asparagus, onions, peppers in tin foil, throw some grass fed butter and salt in there with it and it tastes amazing.

10. Broil your vegetables

If you like a little crunch to your vegetables, the broiler is amazing. Cut up asparagus, yellow squash, zucchini, cook them for a little bit in the over then throw them under the broiler for a few minutes.

11. Use them as your new pasta base

This is a more advanced strategy but for those of you that like to cook here are a couple great ways to replace pasta’s and rice. Use cut up cauliflower as your rice base, use cauliflower as a potato base. Use spaghetti squash or zucchini instead of spaghetti. There are many creative ways to get these bases into your cooking.

12. Recreate “fried” foods you love

Cut up a potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, etc. Drizzle on some olive oil and bake them. Also the new air fryers can make some awesome fried food feeling healthy foods.


Hopefully these ideas sparked some thoughts of how to easily add those vegetables to your day. Find one or two that really fit you fancy and experiment with the others in the future.

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